updated at 04.03.2019
Album can be purchased from LIQUID NOTE RECORDS  and
GUITAR  9 web sites.
Please note that it will soon be available from
CD Baby, Abstract Logix,
Guitareuroshop and others web sites.
It will also be available in download format from all the major download
sites (and a lot of lesser known ones).
Dr. Ika and awesome guitarist  Temur Kvitelashvili are featured on
album’s one of the tracks “Georgia In My Heart� (

Ika started to play
CASIO DG 20 and YAMAHA G10 guitar synth on
gigs - "Blues purists will crucify me for that, but it’s OK, I just play
little B3 here".

Listen  to Ika's
RING PICK demo  new MP3 featuring Koch Pedaltone.
Ika also plays fretless bass. For your enjoyment here is a
backing track
of this tune, feel free to download and play over – enjoy!!!

Check out new CCC 2x12, CCC 1x15 SUPER CABINETS and sound

Listen to new Mp3 recorded with all valve 50w "Dumble" clone head
into 4x12 Marshall cab loaded with the Celestion Century speakers. Ika
also plays Yamaha G 10 guitar synth (saxophone sound), fretless bass
and keys, drums are sampled.
Dr. Ika's Blues Fusion
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AAttention! Wonderful album “ALCHEMISTS IIâ
€� finally was released by virtuoso guitar label
LIQUID NOTE RECORDS  (LNR) featuring two
guitarists per tune! 15 tracks, over 75 minutes of
music, covering many styles of playing.
NEW videos were added to the CASIO DG 20 and YAMAHA G10
NEW  photos and sounds are added to the SUPER CABINETS
Welcome to Dr. Ika's new power TRIO