It's a nice thought that a new blues label like BLUES MATTERS! can spring into life with innovative product of this
quality. Its even nicer to think that a man who learnt his craft, not only as a physician, but as a guitarist, did so in a part
of the world as far removed from Memphis and Chicago as you could get. The Mississippi Delta might be a place on the
map, but it is also very portable state of mind. So, you've exercised your curiosity and taste well in picking up this
particular pressing. And when you crank up the volume, as you inevitably will, don't worry about your health, its always
nice to know there's a Doctor in the house...                                                                        
     Roy Bainton
                                             Author of Talk To Me Baby, the  Story of The Blues Band

Here we have a man who has not only played with B.B King and Jimmy Smith, he's also a name on the rave club scene in
a different context, sharing the stage with UK's top DJs...
is there no end to this mans versatility? Listening to this CD the answer seems to be in negative! This is a top class,
eclectic musicianship with wide range of stylistic influences, but true Blues is always at the core, well produced and
excellently played. If they're half as good as this live... somebody get me a ticket please!!...
"Blues Matters!" Ashley Wainwright

With this album Dr Ika proved that he is a tremendous blues guitarist with great taste and tone.

"Blues Revue" magazine - USA
Dr Ika's new compilation super groovy
album The City Blues is out now on the
CD BABY, featuring Papa George,
Richie Milton, Helen MacDougall and
Mike Chase.
You can listen to short Mp3s .
My instrumental album, compilation of tunes recorded at the
different periods of my musical life. Most of them at the end
of the 1980s, some of them in XXI century. I dedicated some
of the tunes to my all time favourite musicians who have had
tremendous influence on my musical taste and development.

1.  Hey John (tribute to John McLaughlin)  1988     
                   Mike Kachkachishvili on bass.
2.  Miles 1      Valery Piltakjan on trumpet.  1989
                    File was to big to upload it as one so I split it
                    in two parts.
3.  Miles 2       First I recorded bass, drums and keyboards
                    and then we recorded guitar and trumpet
                    dialog improvisation JUST ONE TAKE from
                    the first time, we were inspired.
4.  Old Clock   (tribute to Jaco Pastorius and McLaughlin)
                      I play all instruments.  2002
5.  For Mike     (tribute to Michael Brecker) I play Yamaha
                      G 10 guitar synthesiser.  1990
6.  My Boy  (tribute to Marcus Miller) recorded live at the Rustaveli theater in 1988. Dada Dadiani on bass, Sandro
                 Kancheli on keyboards, Artem Nadirashvili on guitar synth and me on guitar.
7.  Funk It Up   (tribute to Herbie Hancock) 1987. Nodar Eqvtimishvili on bass, Gia Devdariani on keyboards, Gia
                       Gudadze on sax, David Japharidze on percussion, Gia Salagishvili on drums, me on guitar.
8.  Oz Wiz       (to David Sanborn) 2004. Australian Andy Thompson on sax, me on other instruments.

9.  After the Rain      (to Walter Trout) 2002. Danny Bryant on guitar and me on guitar and the rest.

10. My Li'l Garden   (to George Benson) 2002. Yours truly on all instruments.

11. Georgia In My Heart  (to Allan Holdsworth) 2007. Track was featured on Alchemists II album by Liquid Note Records.
                                      Temur Kvitelashvili on jazz guitar and me on guitar synth, also all other instruments.
12. Bay Walk     (tribute to Robben Ford) 2013. Ika on all instruments.